At Mr. Jill’s, we use the most progressive and effective exercises and equipment to bring about the most change in the shortest amount of time possible. We avoid boredom and monotony through a highly varied program.

Personal 1:1 Training

     - 60 minute session

     - 100% Trainer attention

     - Program designed specifically
           for you

     - Pre-payment Discounts

     - One-on-One Training


 Personal Small Group Training

     - 60 minute session

     - Shared Trainer attention

     - Program designed specifically for you within a group setting

     - Lowered cost

     - Pre-payment discounts

     - Two to Four Clients per group

Nutritional Guidance

     - Weekly Weigh-ins

     - 3-Day Nutritional Analysis

     - Extensive Knowledge Sharing

     - Eating Plan Suggestions

     - Caloric Requirement Suggestions

     - Caloric Expenditure Estimations

Mr. Jill's has state of the art equipment. Everything in the gym is always being updated. 

We offer only the best for our clients. Towels, clean mats, and sanitizer are always available. There are two bathrooms that are available for clients to use. 


Contact Mr. Jill's Body Firm


Mr. Jill’s Body Firm, Inc.
17350 E. 17th Street, Suite F
Tustin, CA 92780

Mr. Jill’s is located in Enderle Center just east of the 55 Freeway on 17th Street in Tustin.

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